Tropicana Full Page B to B ad
 Tropicana Campaign- ads and sell sheets
 Terra Nova Third Edition- Full page B to B ad, brochure, direct mail, and 48 page DPO (detailed product overview) 
 Kikkoman Chinese New Year Campaign- Free POS poster with zodiac descriptions and recipes, additional recipe cards, and sales brochure with merchandising materials.
 Acuity Growth Report 8 page brochure
 Acuity Campaign including brochures and direct mail
 TABE 9 & 10 Series Campaign including brochure, sell sheet, and direct mail
 Kikkoman sales brochure
 Kikkoman Panko B to B ad
 Nestlé Minor's Foodservice 4 page brochure
 Nestlé Minor's Foodservice 4 page brochure
 CTB/McGraw-Hill annual catalogs
 CTB/McGraw-Hill Las Links Assessment Series- covers
 Boise Cascade consumer ads
Real Cities Full Page B2B Ad
Real Cities Ad.png
 Nestlé Idahoan Foodservice ad and consumer recipe booklet
 Nestlé Nescafé brochure
Dole PIneapple.png
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